Carbon Credit Origination

The Emissions Reduction Fund enables many projects to gain added commercial value from greenhouse gas abatement.

The Emissions Reduction Fund was enacted in 2014 as a funding mechanism for emissions reduction projects from agriculture, energy efficiency, mining oil and gas, transport, vegetation management, waste and wastewater sectors.

The current design of the Emissions Reduction Fund establishes a registration and accreditation process for the following project types:

  • forestry activities such as reforestation and revegetation, and avoided deforestation
  • agriculture activities such as reduced methane from livestock; fertiliser; manure; crop residue burning; rice cultivation; and soil carbon management
  • savannah fire management
  • reduced emissions from legacy landfill waste
  • industrial emissions reduction activities such as improved commercial and public lighting, commercial building energy efficiency and industrial electricity and fuel efficiency
  • other abatement project categories to be added as part of an ongoing review process.

The team at Corporate Carbon has a proven track record in identifying opportunities to create carbon credits, and in completing the documentation required for registration, accreditation, and measuring greenhouse gas abatement.  We have experience in all the steps needed to make carbon bankable.

Our carbon credit origination service is a one stop shop where we partner with organisations to manage the complex process of bringing greenhouse gas abatement onto the balance sheet. 

Corporate Carbon knows how to create carbon credits. Contact us today to discuss your project ideas and find out how to make carbon part of your revenue stream.  


News from Corporate Carbon


Today the much-anticipated method for the measurement of soil carbon sequestration in agricultural systems which was developed by the Department of Environment and Energy was made publicly available.

Corporate Carbon plays a role in convening the Soil Carbon Practitioners Industry Working Group - an informal collaboration of Emissions Reduction Fund soil carbon project developers.


Corporate Carbon today announced that it had secured a financing deal with Macquarie Bank to further develop land sector projects under the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt joins Corporate Carbon Advisory to visit the Jinglemoney Soil Carbon Project located just outside of Braidwood NSW along with local MP and Assistant Finance Minister Dr Peter Hendy on Monday 16 May.

Vote of confidence in the development of the Emissions Reduction Fund as leading executive joins Corporate Carbon Advisory to provide carbon project aggregation services

Corporate Carbon Advisory and Climate Friendly announce a successful project issued with Australian Carbon Credit Units

Corporate Carbon Advisory submission to the Emissions Reduction Fund Terms of Reference

Corporate Carbon Advisory presents at Woolworths’ Agricultural Business Scholarship program

Corporate Carbon Advisory speaks at the Australian Organics Recycling Association workshop

Corporate Carbon Advisory speaks at the Mallees, Markets and Farm Impacts conference